Mosman Park Bowling Club
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State 100up Singles Winner-16/2/18

Renate Coote win 100up Singles

Women’s State 100up Singles

 Mosman Park’s Renate Coote is the 2018 Women’s State 100 up Singles champion going one better than her runner up performance in 2015.

She defeated Sue Neill (Leeming) 100.5-89.5 in the final at Osborne Park Bowling Club on Friday.

Neill had a very difficult run into the final defeating Irene Arndt, Kathy Gobbart and Lisa Featherby consecutively. Coote had a different source of difficulty to contend with, playing two Mosman Park clubmates in Trish Cunningham and Linda Warburton during the knockout rounds.

 The first couple of ends were very even before Coote put together a dominant run to take a decisive advantage. Over a ten end period she outscored Neill 65.5 to 34.5. Overall she had a 73.5 to 46.5 lead and was the same distance from victory as Neill was from her.

But as is the nature of the game things changed very quickly with Neill landing back to back 9-1 blows to bring the margin back in to just 11.In the next period of the game Coote found reward for playing bravely by running at the jack when 9-1 down twice. One kill and one 7-3 end win were the results and helped her get something vaguely resembling control back. At 93.5-76.5 time was running at for Neill but a trail of her own resulted in a 7-3 and showed that the game may still be very much alive, despite the score still reading 96.5-83.5. However Coote nailed her first bowl on the next end making things very difficult for Neill. She did have a chance to make 10 though with Coote unable to cover a nest just behind the jack. However she played too much weight and sailed wide to leave Coote holding game, which she took, without playing her last bowl.