Mosman Park Bowling Club
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Australia wins Challenge Trophy-26/1/19

36 players turned out on Australia Day to play in the Australia Day Challenge between Australia and the Rest of the World.

Players dressed in their colours of origin with Australia defeating the Rest of the World for only the third time in the last 8 years.

The win was mainly due to the large win by Jeannette Muir’s Team of John Selsmark & Debbie Neaves winning by 20 shots.

All other games were relatively close with Australia winning overall 100 to 72

At the conclusion of the games, the players enjoyed a wonderful brunch courtesy of Vicki Eva and her fantastic team of volunteers in the kitchen.

Scores (Australian Teams First)

Kerry Andersen-Neil Faneco-Marie Hagan 14   Lost to Jeff Adams-Sheila Binns-Jo Corbett     20

Keith Manton-Ian Lilly-Loretta Faneco       12   Def Lisa Featherby-Brian Page-Merv Legg          9

Mike Grace-Carol Gowenlock-Nancy York  17   Def Mario-Tony Rudd-Helen Hood                     14

Peter Jones-Robbie Martin-Peter Giles   12  Aidan O’Sullivan-Richard Webster-Bruce Neaves 12

Wendy Stower-Geoff Teague-Vicki Stratton 18 Def Ron Hassall-Marg Povey-Peter Muir            10

Jeannette Muir-John Selsmark-Deb Neaves  27 Def Steve Carmody-Nancy Teague-Sue Epis      7