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Men’s 100up Championship-5/1/20

The Men’s 100 up Championship commenced on Sunday 5 January 2020

Congratulations to Damian Adams who defeated Mark Barrett in a closely fought Final 101/99

Damian defeated Bob Kershaw in the Semi-final 103/97, whilst Mark defeated Steve Swanson 101/89 in the other semi-final.

Section winners were:

Section 1    Damian Adams

Section 2   Mike Grace

Section 3  Ron Hassall

Section 4  Bob Kershaw

Section 5  Mark Barrett

Section 6  Otto Dawson

Section 7  Jeff Adams

Section 8  Steve Swanson

Quarter Finals

Damian Adams def Mike Grace  101-99

Bob Kershaw def Ron Hassall 100-70

Mark Barrett Def Otto Dawson 100-90

Steve Swanson Def Jeff Adams 100-80

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