Mosman Park Bowling Club
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Come and join Mossie’s and take part in our

Club Championship Events for Season 2018/19 (See list below for Dates)

Mens Events

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles
Days 1 & 2
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles
Days 3 , 4 & 5
Midweek Pennant Practice20/09/2018
Saturday Pennant Practice22/09/2018
Midweek Pennant Practice27/09/2018
AFL Grand Final29/09/2018
Midweek Pennant Practice4/10/2018
Men V Ladies Match6/10/2018
Midweek Pennant Practice11/10/2018
Saturday Pennant Practice V Stirling13/10/2018
Club Opening Day Mixed (10am Start)14/10/2018
Mid Week Pennant Practice18/10/2018
Saturday Pennant Practice20/10/2018
Men's State Fours Day 120/10/2018
Men's State Fours Day 221/10/2018
Midweek Pennant Practice25/10/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 127/10/2018
Men's State Fours Final
Midweek Pennant Round 11/11/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 23/11/2018
Club Championship Triples Day 14/11/2018
Melbourne Cup Day6/11/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 28/11/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 310/11/2018
Club Championship Triples Day 211/11/2018
Over 60s State Pairs Day 112/11/2018
Over 60s State Pairs Day 213/11/2018
Over 60s State Pairs Final14/11/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 315/11/2018
Saturday Pennants Round 417/10/2018
Club Over 60s Mixed Singles Day 118/11/2018
Men's Master Triples Bassendean Day 118/11/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 422/11/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 524/11/2018
Club Over 60s Mixed Singles Day 225/11/2018
Men's Master Triples Bassendean Day 225/11/2018
Men's Over 60s State Triples26-28/11/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 529/11/2018
Saturday Pennants Round 61/12/2018
Mosman Bay Classic Triples2/12/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 66/12/2018
Saturday Pennants Round 78/12/2018
Club Mixed Pairs Day 19/12/2018
Men's Master Singles Osborne Park9-10/12/2018
Midweek Pennant Round 713/12/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 815/12/2018
Club Mixed Pairs Day 216/12/2018
Men's State Triples22-23/12/2018
Christmas Day25/12/2018
Boxing Day26/12/2018
Men's State Pairs27-30/12/2018
New Years Day1/1/2019
Club Championship Men's 100up Singles Day 16/1/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 810/1/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 912/1/2019
Club Championship Men's 100up Singles Day 213/1/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 917/1/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1019/1/2019
Men's State Singles Day 120/1/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1024/1/2019
Club Australia Day Challenge26/1/2019
Men's State Singles Day 227/1/2019
Men's Stae Singles Final28/1/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1131/1/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 112/2/2019
Club Championship Pairs-Day 13/2/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 127/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 129/2/2019
Club Championship Pairs Day 210/2/2019
Doubleview Men's Masters Pairs10/2/2019
Men's Over 60s State Singles11-13/2/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1314/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1316/2/2019
Club Championship Fours Day 117/2/2019
Doublevies Men's Masters Pairs 17-19/2/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1421/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1423/2/2019
Club Championship Fours Day 224/2/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1528/2/2019
Men's Country Week1-8/3/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 167/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 159/3/2019
Club Championship Singles Day 110/3/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1714/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1616/3/2019
Club Championship Singles Day 217/3/2019
Midweek Pennant Round 1821/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1723/3/2019
Club Novice Singles24/3/2019
Midweek Pennant Finals-Day 128/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1830/3/2019
SRC Over 60s Mixed State Pairs1-3/4/2019
Midweek Pennant Finals Day 24/4/2019
Saturday Pennant Finals Day 16/4/2019
Saturday Pennant Finals Day 27/4/2019
Men's National Sides Series11-14/4/2019
Men's State Triples (If Required)15/4/2019
Easter Break19-22/4/2019
Osborne Park 2nd Div & Under State Pairs20-23/4/2019
Anzac Day25/4/2019
Novice Club Champion of Champions27-28/4/2019
Trophy Presentation Night3/5/2019
Internations Carnival4-5/5/2019
Australian Indoor Singles Qualifying11-12/5/2019
State Mixed Pairs17-19/5/2019

Ladies Events

Ladies AGM 11am5/9/2018
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 111/9/2018
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 212/09/2018
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 313/9/2018
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Finals16/9/2018
Ladies Opening Day19/9/2018
Club 100up Singles Day 126/9/2018
Club 100up Singles Day 23/10/2018
Ladies V Men Match6/10/2018
Pennant Practice V Manning at Manning9/10/2018
Bowls Wa Ladies Veterans Day10/10/2018
Australian Champion of Champions TAS10/10/2018
Club Opening Day Mixed 10am14/10/2018
Club Day17/10/2018
Gala Day19/10/2018
Women's State Fours Days 1 & 220-21/10/2018
Pennant Practice V Vic Park at Home
Premier & Div 1
Club Championship Pairs Day 124/10/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 127/10/2018
Women's State Fours Final28/10/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 130/10/2018
Club Championship Pairs Day 231/10/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 23/11/2018
Melbourne Cup6/11/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 27/11/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 310/11/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 313/11/2018
Over 60s State Pairs
Days 1, 2 & 3
Saturday Pennant Round 417/11/2018
Club Mixed Over 60s Singles Day 118/11/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 420/11/2018
Club Championship Triples Day 121/11/2018
Saturday Pennants Round 524/11/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 5
Over 60s State Triples Days 1, 2 & 328-30/11/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 61/12/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 64/12/2018
Club Championship Triples Day 25/12/2018
Saturday Pennant Round 78/12/2018
Club Mixed Pairs Day 19/12/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 711/12/2018
Womens State Pairs Days 1, 2 & 312-14/12/2018
Club Mixed Pairs-Day 216/12/2018
Tuesday Pennant Round 818/12/2018
Xmas Wind Up18/12/2018
Ladies State Triples Days 1 & 2 22-23/12/2018
Christmas Day25/12/2018
Boxing Day26/12/2018
New Years Day1/1/2019
Tuesaday Pennant Round 98/1/2019
Club Championship Singles Day 19/1/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1015/1/2019
Club Championship Singles Day 216/1/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 819/1/2019
State Singles Day 120/1/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1122/1/2019
Club Championship Singles Day 323/1/2019
Club Australia Day Challenge26/1/2019
State Singles Day 227/1/2019
State Singles Finals28/1/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1229/1/2019
Club Championship Fours Day 130/1/2019
Saturday Pennants Round 92/2/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 135/2/2019
Club Championship Fours Day 26/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 109/2/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1412/2/2019
Women's Over 60s State Singles Days 1, 2 & 313-15/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1116/2/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1519/2/2019
Women's 100up State Singles Days 1, 2 & 3
Mosman Park Masters Singles Days 1, 2 & 322-24/2/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1223/2/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1626/2/2019
Men's Country Week1-8/3/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 175/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 139/3/2019
Tuesday Pennant Round 1812/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Round 1416/3/2019
Tuesday Pennant Finals (Div 1 Only)18/3/2019
Tuesday Pennant Finals (All Divisions)19/3/2019
Tuesday Pennant Grand Finals (all Divisions)20/3/2019
Saturday Pennant Finals23/3/2019
Women's Country Week25-31/3/2019
Ladies Wind-up & AGM26/3/2019
SRC Over 60s Mixed State Pairs Days 1, 2 & 31-3/4/2019
Australian Sides Championship NSW11-14/4/2019
Women's State Triples (if required)15/4/2019
Easter Break19-22/4/2019
Anzac Day25/4/2019
Women's Champion of Champions Novice Singles Days 1 & 227-28/4/2019
Trophy Presentation Night3/5/2019
Australian Indoor Singles Qualifying Days 1 & 211-12/5/2019
State Mixed Pairs (6pm) Days 1, 2 & 317-19/5/2019