Mosman Park Bowling Club
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Club Championship Events for Season 2017/18 (See list below for Dates)

Mens Events

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles09/09/2017
Club Opening Day Mixed17/09/2017
Mid Week Pennant Practice21/09/2017
Saturday Pennant Practice23/09/2017
Mandurah APL-Day 123/09/2017
Mandurah APL-Day 2
Queens Birthday Holiday25/09/2017
Mid Week Pennant Practice28/09/2017
AFL Grand Final30/09/2017
Pennant Practice01/10/2017
Mid Week Pennant Practice05/10/2017
Saturday Pennant Practice-Ladies V Men07/10/2017
Midweek Pennant Practice12/10/2017
Saturday Pennant Practice14/10/2017
Mixed Over 60s Singles-Day 115/10/2017
Midweek Pennant Practice19/10/2017
Saturday Pennant Practice21/10/2017
State Fours-Day 121/10/2017
State Fours-Day 222/10/2017
Midweek Pennant 126/10/2017
Saturday Pennant 128/10/2017
State Fours Final29/10/2017
Midweek Pennant 202/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 204/11/2017
Club Triples-Day 105/11/2017
Melbourne Cup Day07/11/2017
Midweek Pennant 309/11/2017
Saturday Pennants 311/11/2017
Club Triples-Day 212/11/2017
Over 60s State Pairs-Day 113/11/2017
Over 60s State Pairs-Day 214/11/2017
Over 60s State Pairs-Final15/11/2017
Midweek Pennant 416/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 418/11/2017
Sunday Pennant 519/11/2017
Mosman Park V Mosman (NSW)22/11/2017
Midweek Pennant 523/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 625/11/2017
Mixed Over 60s Singles-Day 226/11/2017
Midweek Pennant 630/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 702/12/2017
Mosman Bay Classic Triples03/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Day 104/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Day 205/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Final06/12/2017
Midweek Pennant 707/12/2017
Saturday Pennant 809/12/2017
Club Mixed Pairs-Day 110/12/2017
Midweek Pennant 814/12/2017
Saturday Pennant 916/12/2017
Club Mixed Pairs-Day 217/12/2017
Midweek Pennant 921/12/2017
Christmas Day25/12/2017
Boxing Day26/12/2017
Men's State Pairs-Day 1 27/12/2017
Men's State Pairs-Day 228/12/2017
Men's State Pairs-Day 329/12/2017
Men's State Pairs-Day 4 (if required)30/12/2017
New Years day01/01/2018
Saturday Pennant 1006/01/2018
Club Championship 100up Singles-Day 107/01/2018
Midweek Pennant 1011/12/2018
Saturday Pennant 1113/01/2018
Club Championship 100up Singles-Day 214/01/2017
Midweek Pennant 1118/01/2018
Saturday Pennant 1220/01/2018
Men's State Singles-Day 121/01/2018
Australia Day Challenge26/01/2018
Men's State Singles-Day 227/01/2018
Men's State Singles-Day 328/01/2018
Men's State Singles-Day 4 (if required)29/01/2018
Midweek Pennant 1201/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1303/02/2018
Club Championship Pairs-Day 104/02/2018
Men's Over 60s State Singles-Day 105/02/2018
Men's Over 60s State Singles-Day 206/02/2018
Men's Over 60s State Singles Final07/02/2018
Midweek Pennant 1308/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1410/02/2018
Club Championship Pairs-Day 211/02/2018
Doubleview Masters Pairs-Day 111/02/2018
Midweek Pennant 1415/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1517/02/2018
Club Championship Fours-Day 118/02/2018
Doubleview Masters Pairs-Day 218/02/2018
Doubleview Masters Pairs-Day 319/02/2018
Doubleview Masters Pairs-Day 420/02/2018
Midweek Pennant 1522/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1624/02/2018
Club Championship Fours-Finals25/02/2018
Midweek Pennant 1601/03/2018
Men's Country Week02/03/2018
Men's Country Week03/03/2018
Men's Country Week04/03/2018
Men's Country Week05/03/2018
Men's Country Week06/03/2018
Men's Country Week07/03/2018
Men's Country Week08/03/2018
Midweek Pennant 1708/03/2018
Men's Country Week09/03/2018
Saturday Pennant 1710/03/2018
Club Championship Singles-Day 111/03/2018
Midweek Pennants 1815/03/2018
Saturday Pennants 1817/03/2018
Club Championship Singles-Day 218/03/2018
Club Championship Novice Singles18/03/2018
Midweek Pennant Finals-Day 122/03/2017
Saturday Pennant Finals All Divisions24/03/2018
Saturday 1st Div Pennant Finals Only25/03/2018
Midweek Pennant Finals-Day 229/03/2018
Good Friday30/03/2018
Men's 2nd Div & Under State Pairs-Day 131/03/2018
Men's 2nd Div & Under State Singles-Day 101/04/2018
Men's 2nd Div & Under State Singles & Pairs02/04/2018
Men's 2nd Div & Under State Singles & Pairs03/04/2018
Men's State Triples-Day 107/04/2018
Men's State Triples-Day 208/04/2018
Men's State Triples Finals09/04/2018
Men's Champion of Champion Singles-Day 114/04/2018
Men's Champion of Champion Novice Singles-Day 114/04/2018
Men's Champion of Champion Singles-Day 215/04/2018
Men's Champion of Champion Novice Singles-Day 215/04/2018
Men's Osborne Park Masters Singles-Day 121/04/2018
Men's Osborne Park Masters Singles-Day 222/04/2018
Club Trophy Day22/04/2018
Men's Osborne Park Masters Singles-Day 323/04/2018
Anzac Day25/04/2018
Men's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 103/05/2018
Men's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 204/05/2018
Men's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 305/05/2018
Men's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 406/05/2018
Men's Aust Indoor Singles Qualifying-Day 119/05/2018
Men's Aust Indoor Singles Qualifying-Day 220/05/2018
Bowls WA Awards Nite25/05/2018

Ladies Events

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 112/09/2017
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 213/09/2017
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Day 314/09/2017
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles-Finals17/09/2017
Club Opening Day – Mixed17/09/2017
Ladies Opening Day-Drawn Triples20/09/2017
Mandurah APL-Day 123/09/2017
Mandurah APL-Day 224/09/2017
Queens Birthday Holiday25/09/2017
Club Day-Training & Coaching27/09/2017
Pennant Practice V Sorrento at Home03/10/2017
Club Day-Coaching04/10/2017
Pennant Practice-Men V Ladies07/10/2017
Pennant Practice V Gosnells at Gosnells10/10/2017
Club Championship 100 up Singles-Day 111/10/2017
Mixed Over 60s Singles-Day 115/10/2017
Pennant Practice V Vic Park at Home17/10/2017
Club Day-Probus Ladies to attend)18/10/2017
Women's State Fours21/10/2017
Women's State Fours22/10/2017
Tuesday Pennant 124/10/2017
Club Championship 100up Singles Day 225/10/2017
GALA DAY27/10/2017
Saturday Pennant 128/10/2017
Tuesday Pennant 231/10/2017
Club Championship Pairs-Day 101/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 204/11/2017
Melbourne Cup Day07/11/2016
Tuesday Pennant 3 (Div 4 Round 108/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 311/11/2017
Tuesday Pennant 4 (4th Div Round 214/11/2017
Club Day15/11/2017
Over 60s State Pairs-Day 1
Over 60s State Pairs-Day 216/11/2017
Over 60’s State Pairs-Day 317/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 418/11/2017
Tuesday Pennant 5 (4th Div Round 321/11/2017
Mosman Park V Mosman NSW22/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 525/11/2017
Mixed Over 60s Singles-Day 226/11/2017
Tuesday Pennant 6 (4th Div Round 4)28/11/2017
Club Championship Pairs-Day 229/11/2017
Saturday Pennant 602/12/2017
Tuesday Pennant 7 (4th Div Round 5)05/12/2017
Club Day06/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Day 106/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Day 207/12/2017
Over 60s State Triples-Day 308/12/2017
Saturday Pennant 709/12/2017
Club Mixed Pairs-Day 110/12/2017
Tuesday Pennant 8 (4th Div Round 6)12/12/2017
Club Day13/12/2017
State Pairs-Day 113/12/2017
State Pairs-Day 214/12/2017
State Pairs-Day 315/12/2017
Saturday Pennant 816/12/2017
Club Mixed Pairs-Day 217/12/2017
Tuesday Pennant 919/12/2017
Christmas Lunch20/12/2017
Christmas Day25/12/2017
Boxing Day26/12/2017
New Years Day01/01/2018
Tuesday Pennant 1009/01/2018
Club Championship Singles-Day 110/01/2018
North Beach Masters Pairs-Day 112/01/2018
North Beach Masters Pairs-Day 213/01/2018
North Beach Masters Pairs-Day 314/01/2018
North Beach Masters Pairs-Day 415/01/2018
Tuesday Pennant 11 (4th Div Round 7)16/01/2018
Club Championship Singles-Day 2
Saturday Pennant 920/01/2018
Tuesday Pennant 12 (4th Div Round 8)23/01/2018
Club Championship Triples-Day 124/01/2018
Australia Day Challenge26/01/2018
Women's State Singles-Day 127/01/2018
Women's State Singles-Day 228/01/2018
Women's State Singles-Day 329/01/2018
Tuesday Pennant 13 (4th Div Round 9)30/01/2018
Club Championship Triples-Day 231/01/2018
Saturday Pennant 1003/02/2018
Tuesday Pennant 14 (4th Div Round 10)06/02/2018
Club Day07/02/2018
Women's Over 60s State Singles-day 107/02/2018
Women's Over 60s State Singles-day 208/02/2018
Women's Over 60s State Singles-day 309/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1110/02/2018
Tuesday Pennant 15 (4th Div Round 11)13/02/2018
Club Day14/02/2018
Women's State 100up Singles-Day 114/02/2018
Women's State 100up Singles-Day 215/02/2018
Women's State 100up Singles-Day 316/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1217/02/2018
Tuesday Pennant 1620/02/2018
Club Championship Fours-Day 121/02/2018
Mosman Park Masters Singles-Day 123/02/2018
Mosman Park Masters Singles-Day 224/02/2018
Saturday Pennant 1324/02/2018
Mosman Park Masters Singles-Day 325/02/2018
Tuesday Pennant 17 (4th Div Round 13)27/02/2018
Club Championship Fours-Day 228/02/2018
Tuesday Pennant 18 (4th Div Round 14)06/03/2018
Club Day07/03/2018
Saturday Pennant 1410/03/2018
Tuesday Pennant Finals (1st Div Only)12/03/2018
Tuesday Pennant Finals (All Divisions)13/03/2018
Tuesday Pennant Finals (All Divisions)14/03/2018
Saturday Pennant Finals17/03/2018
Women's Country Week19/03/2018
Women's Country Week20/03/2018
Women's Country Week21/03/2018
Women's Country Week22/03/2018
Women's Country Week23/03/2018
Women's Country Week24/03/2018
Women's Country Week25/03/2018
Club Closing Day Lunch27/03/2018
Good Friday30/03/2018
Easter Sunday01/04/2018
Women's State Triples-Day 107/04/2018
Deaf,Vision,Intellectual State Championship-Day 1
Women's State Triples-Day 208/04/2018
Deaf,Vision,Intellectual State Championship-Day 208/04/2018
Women's State Triples-Day 309/04/2018
Deaf,Vision,Intellectual State Championship-Day 309/04/2018
Women's Champion of Champion Singles-Day 114/04/2018
Women's Champion of Champion Novice Singles-Day 114/04/2018
Women's Champion of Champion Singles-Day 215/04/2018
Women's Champion of Champion Novice Singles-Day 215/04/2018
SRC Over 60s Mixed State Pairs-Day 117/04/2018
SRC Over 60s Mixed State Pairs-Day 218/04/2018
SRC Over 60s Mixed State Pairs-Day 319/04/2018
State under 18 Championship-Day 121/04/2018
State under 18 Championship-Day 222/04/2018
Club Trophy Day22/04/2018
State under 18 Championship-Day 323/04/2018
Anzac Day25/04/2018
Women's Osborne Park Masters Triples-Day 128/04/2018
Women's Osborne Park Masters Triples-Day 229/04/2018
Women's Osborne Park Masters Triples-Day 330/04/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 101/05/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 202/05/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 303/05/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 404/05/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 505/05/2018
Women's National Sides Championship,Darwin-Day 606/05/2018
Women's Aust Indoor Singles Qualifying19/05/2018
Bowls WA Awards Nite25/05/2018