Mosman Park Bowling Club
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Inaugural Jack Attack Winners-1/4/19

Firstly, thank you for participating in Mosman Park’s JACK ATTACK program. We really hope all the players enjoyed the 4 weeks of fun bowls and the hospitality at the Bowling Club.

We congratulate everyone for taking part. It is hard to just pick up a bowl without any basic coaching and it was amazing to see how some of you picked up the technique so quickly. This was never about making serious bowlers out of you all; our aim was to expose you to the sport we love and our club in a fun environment. If however any of you wish to pursue the sport at a social level or in more serious competition structures then we can certainly assist and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the options with you.

It was great to see the eventual winners decided by a tie break on the last night and well done to the “Wembley Wobblers”, a team of three generations take out the grand prize. Well done John Simms and Tania, Scott, Jordan and Ben Feakes. Undefeated and with 6 sets. The “Townsend” team was also undefeated but with 4 sets wins, so well done to John and Barbara Townsend and Sue Anderson.