Mosman Park Bowling Club
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Men Versus Ladies Match Tied-6/10/18

48 Mosman Park Bowlers fought out a hard battle on Saturday 6th October 2018 for Gender supremacy.

At the end of the 126 ends across 6 rinks the scores were tied 121 all

A great day was held and it built up a great comradery between the Men & Lady Bowlers.

Here are the full results of the Day.

Saturday 6 October 2018 – Men V Ladies

Men                                                                                                        Ladies

J.Adams-J.Spencer-D.Mullerger-E.Tolotti        15-27    L.Featherby-D.Kelly-S.Radcliffe-J.Parker 

P.Collins-D.Adams-M.Grace-A.O’Sullivan         22-16    K.Andersen-R.Coote-W.Stower-T.Cunningham

J.Hart-G.Povey-P.Jones-J.Clarke                          19-21     S.Ellis-S.Binns-V.Eva-R.Tolotti

T.Cox-I.Lilly-P.Monger-R.Hassall                          19-21     S.Rochford-D.Adams-H.Hood-D.Neaves

N.Faneco-P.Joyce-J.Mackay-A.Mercader           22-24    J.Muir-C.Gowenlock-N.Teague-R.Lilly

M.Hughes-S.Carmody-M.Kennedy-G.Hughes  24-12     J.Worthington-V.Stratton-M.Povey-L.Faneco