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ROW Wins Australia Day Challenge-26/1/20

The Rest of the World teams have defeated Australia in the Annual Australia Day Challenge on Sunday 26 January 2020

In a closely fought game over 17 ends, 44 players enjoyed a great morning of Bowls with the final result Rest of the World 106 Australia 102.

The Games were followed by a brunch.

Our thanks go to Vicki Eva and her helpers for providing a beautiful brunch.

Scores on the day were as follows (with Australian Teams named first)

Kerry Andersen-Graeme Povey-Cathie Smith def Renate Coote-Deb Neaves-John Townsend 16-9

Mike Grace-Marie Hagan-Bruce Neaves lost to Cathie Chappelle-Marg Povey-David Malkin 14-15

Denis Mullenger-Sandra Ellis-Peter Muir lost to Nancy York-Robbie Martin-Aidan O’Sullivan 9-17

Ian Lilly-Richard Webster-Nancy Teague def Brian Page-Geoff Teague-Mari Noffsinger 17-10

Tony Cox-Ian Briggs-Helen Hood-Sue Epis lost to Toby Roney-Andy Mercader-Loretta Faneco-Mario Van Bemmel 14-27

Jeannette Muir-John Selsmark-Bruce Frederickson lost to Vicky Stratton-Merv Legg-Sheila Binns 9-17

Neil Faneco-Carol Gowenlock-Jeff Sinper def Rocco Furci-Jo Corbett-Steve Carmody 23-11



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