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Social Bowls Results

Australia Day Challenge-26/1/20

The Rest of the World teams have defeated Australia in the Annual Australia Day Challenge on Sunday 26 January 2020

In a closely fought game over 17 ends, 44 players enjoyed a great morning of Bowls with the final result Rest of the World 106 Australia 102

Scores on the day were as follows (with Australian Teams named first)

Kerry Andersen-Graeme Povey-Cathie Smith def Renate Coote-Deb Neaves-John Townsend 16-9

Mike Grace-Marie Hagan-Bruce Neaves lost to Cathie Chappelle-Marg Povey-David Malkin 14-15

Denis Mullenger-Sandra Ellis-Peter Muir lost to Nancy York-Robbie Martin-Aidan O’Sullivan 9-17

Ian Lilly-Richard Webster-Nancy Teague def Brian Page-Geoff Teague-Mari Noffsinger 17-10

Tony Cox-Ian Briggs-Helen Hood-Sue Epis lost to Toby Roney-Andy Mercader-Loretta Faneco-Mario Van Bemmel 14-27

Jeannette Muir-John Selsmark-Bruce Frederickson lost to Vicky Stratton-Merv Legg-Sheila Binns 9-17

Neil Faneco-Carol Gowenlock-Jeff Sinper def Steve Carmody-Jo Corbett-Rocco Furci 23-11

Saturday 4 January 2020-New Year Triples & Fours

Winners: J.Spencer-T.Cox-A.O'Sullivan-V.Stratton

2nd: I.Lilly-M.Hagan-D.Neaves

3rd: P.Monger-B.Pollock-L.Faneco-N.York

4th: B.Marsland-A.Buckingham-Del Adams-J.Selsmark

5th: D.Malkin-P.Jones-J.Worthington-D.Burges

5th: M.Van Bemmel-A.Mercader-C.Chappell

Saturday 28 December 2019

Winners: M.Grace-M.Weis-V.Eva-D.Burges

2nd: N.Faneco-C.Gowenlock-J.Selsmark

3rd: L.Beurteaux-T.Cox-T.Rudd-R.Lilly

4th: J.Adams-Damien Adams-Del Adams

Saturday 21 December 2019

Winners: D.Malkin-R.Kershaw-R.Lilly

2nd: M.Grace,S.Binns-J.Selsmark

Sunday 6 October 2019

Opening Day Drawn Games-6 October 2019

M Van Bemmel,R.Webster,M.Hagan,V.Eva def J.Spencer,N.Faneco,C.Chappelle,L.Faneco 30-4

M.Grace,W.Stower,I.Lilly,N.York def A.O’Sullivan,R.Hassall,V.Stratton,R.Tolotti 24-8

R.Coote,J.Worthington,B.Frederickson,B.Neaves drew S.Ellis,G.Teague,C.Smith,J.Clarke 12-12

S.Swanson,C.Gowenlock,T.Roney,N.Teague def D.Adams,S.Binns,J.Solomon,D,Neaves 24-13

B.Page,B.Webster,J.Selsmark,G.Hughes def T.Cox,J.Muir,A.Mercader,S.Epis 16-6

Saturday 5 October 2019

Men Versus Ladies Match Mens Teams first

L.Beurteaux ,S.Swanson,O.Dawson,M Barrett def L.Featherby, D.Kelly,W.Stower,V.Eva 35-9

D.Marsland , A.Gryta,B.Hoffman,D.Daley def L.Warburton ,K.Anderson,S.Radcliffe,J.Parker 19-18

K.Manton,P.Collins, A.O’Sullivan, B.Kershaw Lost to L.Poletti, J.Adam, J.Allen, R.Coote 20-25

C.Edson, P.Daley,M.Robertson, M.Van Bemmel def D.Adams, S.Binns,C.Gowenlock,R.Toletti 23-16

M.Grace,M.Weis,I.Lilly,J.Clarke def S.Ellis,S.Rochford,V.Stratton,N.York 20-11

T.Cox, P.Jones, R.Hassall, G.Hughes def J.Muir, M.Hagan, R.Lilly, S.Epis 20-19

N.Faneco, R.Webster, B.Frederickson, B.Neaves def B.Webster, L.Faneco, I.Newbold, D. Neaves 30-11

Saturday 14 September 2019-Drawn Game

Winner: Ian Lilly,Vicki Stratton,Carol Gowenlock,Peter Chrystic

Runners Up: Mike Grace,Brenda Webster,Sue Epis

Third: Peter Jones,Richard Webster,Sandra Ellis,Deb Neaves

Friday 13 September 2019-Nominated Pairs

Winner: Damian Adams & Michael Weis

Runners Up: Ivan Unkovich & Brian Bavcevich

Plate: Cam Hoffman & Mark Robertson

Wednesday 11 September 2019-Drawn Game

Winner: Ian Lilly, Ron Hassall, Sheila Binns, Bruce Neaves

Runners Up: Mike Grace, Paul Monger,Wendy Stower, Robbie Martin

Third: Graeme Hughes, Patrick James, Greg Caird 

Saturday 7 September 2019-Drawn Game

Winner: Graeme Hughes,John Clarke,F Fletcher

Runners Up: Ian Lilly, Bruce Frederickson, Toby Roney

Plate: Del Adams,Carol Gowenlock,Robbie Martin,Deb Neaves

Friday 6 September 2019- Nominated Pairs

Winner: Jeff Adams & Damian Adams

Runners Up: Paul Fair & Marcus Starcevich 

Plate: Graeme Hughes & Bill Farrant

Wednesday 28 August 2019 Quins

Winner: Bob Kershaw,Audrey Stokes,Peter Giles,Joe Solomon

2nd Place: Damien Adams,Ian Thomas,Andy McGlew,Vicki Stratton

3rd Place: Brett Pollock,John Hart,Marie Hagan,Don Tremaine

4th Place: Mike Grace,John Clarke, Joe Hawksworth, Nancy York

5th Place: Graeme Hughes,Sheila Binns,Bill Farrant,Sandra Ellis

Saturday 24 August 2019 Drawn Game

Winner: Graeme Hughes,Marie Hagan,Joe Solomon,Sue Epis

Runners Up:  Ian Lilly, Ron Hassall,Jenny Parker,Nancy York

Wednesday 21 August 2019 Drawn Game

Winner: Ron Hassall, Nancy York, Jo Corbett, Jeannette Muir

Runners Up:  Alison Buckingham, Brian Page, Sue Epis, Don Tremaine

3rd Place: Peter Collins,Bill Farrant,Guy Levin-Marcon, Mike Hawkins

Friday 16 August 2019 Nominated Pairs

Winner: Jeff Adams & Damian Adams

Runners Up:  Terry Cranswick & Graeme Davies

Saturday 17 August 2019 Drawn Game

Winner: Marie Hagan & Bruce Neaves

Runners Up:  Graeme Hughes & Vicki Stratton

Saturday 10 August 2019 Drawn Game

Winner: Marie Hagan, Nancy York, Bruce Neaves

Runners Up:  June Worthington, Robbie Martin, Vicki Stratton

Third: Mike Grace, Sheila Binns, Iris Newbold

Friday 9 August 2019 Nominated Pairs

Winner: Keith Manton & Steve Swanson

Runners Up:  Paul Fair & Mark Starcevich

Plate: Brian Page & Sheila Binns

Wednesday 7 August 2019 Drawn Game

Winner: Maria McCormack, Ruth Lilly, Toby Roney, Don Tremaine

Runners Up:  Paul Monger, Vicki Eva, Graeme Hughes, John Solomon

Third: Ian Lilly, Sheila Binns, Mike Hawkins

Saturday 3 August 2019 Scroungers

Rink Winners: Tony Rudd, Mike Grace, Graeme Hughes, Ron Hassall

Winner:  Ron Hassall

Runners Up: Graeme Hughes

Friday 2 August 2019-Nominated Pairs

Winners: Graeme Davies & Terry Cranswick

Runners Up: Brian Page & Ian Thomas

Third: Cam Hoffman & D.Donita

Wednesday 31 July 2019-Drawn Game

Winners: Maria McCormack, Patrick James, Jo Corbett

Runners Up: Paul Monger, Robbie Martin, John Clarke

Equal Third: Renate Coote, Lena Barrett, Andy McGlew

Equal Third: Ruth Lilly, Sue Epis, Theresa Brbich

Saturday 27 July 2019-Drawn Game

Winners: Tony Rudd, Vicki Stratton,Bruce Neaves

Runners Up: Sheila Binns,Nancy York,Toby Roney

Friday 26 July 2019-Nominated Pairs

Winners: Graeme Davies & Terry Cranswick

Runners Up: Mike Grace & Guy Hagan    

Plate: Brett Parker & Greg Parker


Wednesday 24 July 2019-Drawn Game

Winners: Peter Collins,Vicki Eva,Sue Epis,Mike Hawkings

Runners Up: Ron Hassall,Audrey Stokes,Andy McGlew,Peter Smythe    

Third: Graeme Povey,Robbie Martin,Patrick James,Tim Rolf


Friday 19 July 2019  2 Bowl Triples

Winners: Mike Grace, Graeme Davies, Ian Thomas

Second: Brian Page, Terry Cranswick, Bob Kershaw,    


Wednesday 17 July 2019  Drawn Teams

Winners: Keith Manton, Audrey Stokes, Andy Mercader

Runners Up: Brian Page, Sue Epis, Peter Smythe,    

Third: Mike Grace, Ruth Lilly, Andy McGlew

Saturday 13 July 2019  Drawn Teams

Winners: Ian Lilly, Marie Hagan, Sue Epis

Runners Up: Sheila Binns, Ron Hassall, Jon Solomon    

Third: Graeme Povey, Vicki Stratton, Bruce Neaves

Wednesday 10 July 2019  Drawn Teams

Winners: Brian Page, Jeannette Muir, Sue Epis, Peter Smythe

Runners Up: Paul Monger, Ruth Lilly, Audrey Stokes. Don Tremaine    

Third: Ron Hassall,Norelle Wetsteyn, Margaret Povey, Greg Caird

Wednesday 3 July 2019  Drawn Teams

Winners: Maria McCormack,John Clarke,Toby Roney,Don Tremaine

Runners Up: Ian Lilly,Jeannette Muir,Patrick James,Simon Lilly    

Third: Ron Hassall,Digby Burges,Mari Noffsinger

Wednesday 29 June 2019  Scroungers

Winners: Brian Page, Marie Hagan & Sheila Binns

Friday 28 June 2019 Nominated Pairs

Winners: Jeff Adams & Damian Adams

Runners Up: Keith Manton & Denis Mullenger

Second Round: Bob Kershaw & Steve Swanson

Friday 21 June 2019 Nominated Pairs

Winners: Ian Lilly & John Clarke

Runners Up: Brian Page & Ian Thomas

Second Round: Keith Manton & Denis Mullenger

Wednesday 19 June 2019 Drawn Teams

Winners: Ian Lilly, Sheila Binns, Jon Solomon, Bruce Frederickson

Runners Up: Paul Monger, Jeannette Muir, Don Tremain , Denis Mullenger

Third: Maria McCormack, Carol Gowenlock, Robbie Martin, Debbie Neaves

Saturday 15 June 2019 Drawn Teams

Winners: Graeme Hughes, Vicki Stratton, Ken Parker

Runners Up: Jenny Parker, Carol Gowenlock, Jon Solomon

Friday 14 June 2019 Nominated Pairs

Winners:                 Jeff Adams & Chris McKenna

Runners Up:          Mike Grace & Bob Kershaw

Wednesday 12 June 2019 Drawn Teams

Winners:                    Graeme Hughes, Ruth Lilly, Debbie Neaves

Runner Up:               Paul Monger, Audrey Stokes, Sue Epis

Third:                         June Worthington, Andy McGlew, Don Tremaine

Wednesday 5 June 2019 Quins (10 Four Member Drawn Teams)

Winners:                 Guy Hagan, Andy Mercader,Bruce Frederickson,Ruth Lilly

Runners Up:          Brian Page, Ian Lilly, Sandy Everest,Graeme Hughes

Third:                      Alison Buckingham, Marg Povey, Patrick James,Mari Noffsinger

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