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Social Bowls Results

Saturday 3 October 2020-Drawn Games

1st Bruce Frederickson-Toby Roney-Ron Hassall-Tony Cox

2nd Marie Hagan-Sheila Binns-Marg Povey

Friday 2 October 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Graham Povey-Ron Hassall

2nd Audrey Stokes-Marie Hagan

Wednesday 30 September 2020-Drawn Games

1st Ian Lilly-Debbie Neaves-Patrick James

2nd Brian Page-Ron Hassall-Don Tremain

Friday 25 September 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Damian Adams-Del Adams

2nd Mark Robertson-Michael Wiese

WOL Ian Lilly

Wednesday 23 September 2020-Drawn Games

1st Peter Jones-Ron Hassall-Tim Rolphe

2nd Ian Lilly-Don Tremain-Patrick James

Friday 18 September 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Cathie Smith-Lisa Featherby

2nd Brian Page-Ian Thomas

WOL Mario Van Bemmel-Steve Swanson

Wednesday 16 September 2020-Drawn Games

1st Ron Hassall-Audrey Stokes-Teresa Brbich-Mario Van Bemmel

2nd Joe Hawksworth-Sheila Binns-Peter Jones-Mike Grace

3rd Peter Smyth-John Selsmark-Greg Caird-Alison Buckingham

Saturday 12 September 2020-Pennant Finals Practice Matches

1st Scott Edmonds-Rob Moran-Bob Kershaw-John Clarke

2nd Paul Norton-Toby Roney-John Selsmark-Jeff Simper

3rd Willie Tan-Denis Mullenger-Ian Lilly-Aidan O'Sullivan

Saturday 12 September 2020-Drawn Games

1st Helen Hood-Ruth Lilly-Jeanette Muir

2nd Gerry-Del Adams-Marie Hagan

Friday 11 September 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Denise Kelly-Sandra Ellis

2nd Del Adams-Damian Adams

WOL Renate Coote-Catherine Chappelle

Wednesday 9 September 2020-WA Firefighters Match

1st Paul Norton-Ron Hassall-John Selsmark-Denis Mullenger

2nd PSteve Swanson-Tony Cox-Peter Smyth

Friday 4 September 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Damian Adams-Michael Weise

2nd Ron Hassall-Ian Lilly

3rd Mario Van Bemmel-Steve Swanson

WOL Peter McGurk-Audrey Stokes

Wednesday 2 September 2020-Drawn Games

1st Tony Cox-Toby Roney-Jeff Simper-Bruce Frederickson

2nd Peter Jones-Ron Hassall-Jo Corbett

Saturday 29 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Brian Page-Sue Epis-Aidan O'Sullivan

2nd Peter McGurk-Brett Pollock-Judy Tomich

3rd John Clarke-Bruce Neaves-Bruce Frederickson

Friday 28 August 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Damian Adams-John Clarke

2nd Steve Carmody-Jo Corbett- Terry Cranswick

3rd Lisa Featherby-Cathie Smith

WOL John Hart-Bob Kershaw

Wednesday 26 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Maria McCormack-Neil Faneco-John Solomon

2nd Mike Grace-Sandra Ellis-Toby Roney-Joe Hawksworth

3rd Ian Lilly-Del Adams-Bruce Frederickson-Patrick James

Saturday 22 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Peter Jones-Richard Webster-Sue Epis

2nd Marie Hagan-Sheila Binns-Toby Roney-Bruce Frederickson

3rd Aidan O'Sullivan-Debbie Neaves-Cathie Smith-Iris Newbold

Friday 21 August 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Denis Mullenger-Aidan O'Sullivan

2nd Ian Lilly-Ron Hassall

WOL Jeff Adams-Del Adams

Wednesday 19 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Tony Cox-Paul Monger-Loretta Faneco-Toby Roney

2nd Maria McCormack-Sandra Ellis-Peter Smyth-Greg Caird

3rd Peter Jones,Ron Hassall-Joe Hawksworth-Shaun Cameron

Saturday 15 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Jeanette Muir-Ron Hassall-Richard Webster-Debbie Neaves

2nd Peter McGurk-Sheila Binns-John Townsend-Catherine Chapppelle

3rd Peter Jones-John Clarke-Greg Caird

Friday 14 August 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Mario Van Bemmel-Steve Swanson

2nd Richard Harper-Terry Cranswick

WOL Bob Kershaw-John Hart

Wednesday 12 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Ron Hassall-Del Adams-Bruce Frederickson

2nd Vicki Eva-Denis Mullenger-Jo Corbett-Catherine Chappelle

3rd Steve Swanson-Robyn Martin-David Malkin

Saturday 8 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Tony Cox-Sheila Binns-Catherine Chappelle

2nd Peter McGurk-Tony Rudd-Sue Epis

3rd Mario Van Bemmel-Cathie Smith-Tim Rolphe

Friday 7 August 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Bob Kershaw-John Hart

2nd Mario Van Bemmel-Steve Swanson

WOL Catherine Chappelle-Cathie Smith

Wednesday 5 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Paul Monger-Denis Mullenger-Helen Hood

2nd Alison Buckingham-Toby Roney-Marie Noffsinger

3rd Peter Jones,Marie Hagan-Don Tremain

Saturday 1 August 2020-Drawn Games

1st Tony Cox-Ron Hassall-Toby Roney-Catherine Chappelle

2nd Peter Jones-Cathie Smith-Vicki Stratton-Helen Hood

3rd Jenny Parker-Richard Webster-Brenda Webster-Bruce Frederickson

Friday 31 July 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Brian Page-Ian Thomas

2nd Bob Kershaw-Denis Mullenger

WOL Terry Cranswick-Deborah Cranswick

Wednesday 29 July 2020-Drawn Games

1st Peter Jones-Audrey Stokes-Peter Smyth

2nd Mike Grace-June Worthington-Marie Hagan-Brian Page

3rd Paul Monger-Sandra Ellis-Jeff Simper-Bruce Frederickson

Saturday 25 July 2020-Drawn Games

1st Andrew Mercader-Richard Webster-Deborah Neaves-Susan Epis

2nd Ian Lilly-Sandra Ellis-Helen Hood-Ruth Lilly

3rd Peter McGurk-Sheila Binns-John Solomon-Nancy Teague

Friday 24 July 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Denis Mullenger-Bob Kershaw

2nd Jeff Adams-Del Adams

WOL Brian Page-Ian Thomas

lWednesday 22 July 2020-Drawn Games

1st Steve Jocelyn-Doug Topline-Sheila Binns

2nd Tony Cox-Michael Bridge-Bruce Frederickson-Nancy York

3rd Peter Jones-Paul Monger-Ruth Lilly

Saturday 18 July 2020-Drawn Games

1st Graham Povey-Carol Gowenlock-John Solomon-Jeff Simper

2nd Tony Rudd-John Clarke-Jo Corbett

Saturday 11 July 2020-Drawn Games

1st Jeanette Muir-Sandra Ellis-Ruth Lilly

2nd Carol Gowenlock-J.Simper

3rd Andy Mercader-Marie Hagan-Nancy Teague

4th Ian Lilly-Deb Neaves-Helen Hood

5th Peter Jones-Ron Hassall-Christine Chappelle

6th Peter McGurk-John Solomon-Vicki Stratton

Friday 10 July 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Lisa Featherby-Kerry Andersen

2nd Mark Robertson-Mario Van Bemmel

WOL Ian Lilly-Ron Hassall

Wednesday 8 July 2020-Drawn Game

1st Vicki Eva-Carol Gowenlock-Peter Smyth

2nd Ian Lilly-Alison Buckingham-Robin Martin-Gary Atkinson

3rd Paul Monger-Ron Hassall-Joe Solomon-Sue Epis

Saturday 4 July 2020-Drawn Game

1st Peter McGurk-Sandra Ellis-Marg Povey-Ruth Lilly

2nd Marie Hagan-Ron Hassall-Toby Roney

3rd Deb Neaves-Greg Caird

4th Mike Grace-Peter Jones-Loretta Faneco-Carol Gowenlock

5th Paul Monger-Sheila Binns-Catherine Chappelle

Friday 3 July-Nominated Pairs

1st Mike Grace-Steve Swanson

2nd Bruce Neaves-Deb Neaves

3rd Mark Robertson-Michael Weis

Wednesday 1 July 2020-Drawn Game

1st John Clarke-Ian Thomas-Bruce Frederickson-Peter Smyth

2nd Brian Page-Jeff Simper-Toby Roney-Sue Epis

Friday 26 June 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Mike Grace & Steve Swanson

2nd Mark Robertson & Michael Weis

3rd Terry Cranswick & Ben Hoffman

4th Cathie Smith & Catherine Chappelle

Saturday 20 June 2020-Drawn Triples

1st Tony Cox-Robbie Martin-Ron Hassall

2nd Peter McGurk-Richard Webster-Catherine Chappelle

3rd Ian Lilly-Sheila Binns-Iris Newbold

Friday 19 June 2020-Nominated Pairs

1st Mario Van Bemmel & Steve Swanson

2nd Louis Beurteaux & Michael Weis

3rd Mike Grace & Ian Lilly

Saturday 13 June 2020-Drawn Game

1st Vicki Eva-Loretta Faneco-Bruce Neaves

2nd Mike Grace - Mario-Vicki Eva- Carol Gowenlock

3rd Damian Adams - Kanga- Nancy York

Wednesday 10 June 2020-Drawn Game

1st John Solomon- Audrey Stokes- Marie Noffsinger

2nd Paul Monger- Carol Gowenlock- Joe Hawksworth

3rd Maria McCormack- Robbie Martin- Jeff Simper- Corine Monteath

Saturday 6 June 2020-Drawn Game

1st Jeff Adams-Denis Mullenger-John Clarke

2nd Mike Grace - Mario-Vicki Eva- Carol Gowenlock

3rd Damian Adams - Kanga- Nancy York

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